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Houston Iconic Fashion Week

The Houston Iconic Fashion Week is the premiere fashion event offering an innovative platform for emerging and established designers around the world.  Hosted bi-annually by GAELLE, Inc. and the Ray of Sun Foundation, the Houston Iconic Fashion Week is setting the first milestone in avant-garde fashion and entertainment on the southern coast.

Michelle Ray, Founder and CEO of Houston Iconic Fashion Week

Michelle Ray is not only founder and CEO of GAELLE, Inc. and the Ray of Sun Foundation, but she has a new and exciting platform to add to her list of accomplishments.  Paving the way for other emerging and established designers to make their mark in the industry, Ray has taken her first step in accomplishing her dream of bringing the world’s brightest stars in fashion and entertainment down south.  Her innovative and conceptual design as curator of the Houston Iconic Fashion Week sheds new light on the fashion and entertainment industry on the southern coast by providing a new path for industry professionals to reveal and showcase their best collections.

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  1. Hello, I’m a Houston fashion designer and would like to know how to I participate in this event as far as showcasing my collection? THANKS

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